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The miscellaneous ramblings of a New York City Miami, Florida-based photographer, retoucher, and (for the most part) all-around good guy.

INFJ. Alpha Man. Alpha Male. Type "A" Personality. Crazy Creative Artistic. Pisces Dude. Why not get to know me?

This is where the random images that I create (or just like - including some that are sordid, though most are not); sounds from past and present; and, thoughts (sometimes sordid and other times not) will appear, for better or worse. It's (hopefully) going to be something like a visual and aural cornucopia.

(By the way, respect my hustle, and don't steal any of the pretty pics. Feel free to reblog 'em, like 'em, comment on 'em. But no commercial use without asking first...Me love you long time if you follow that one request. Thnx.)

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The Understanding
Model: Lindsey (MSA/Goodess)MUA: Tara Taylor Hair: Jewel Whinfield

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